Juni 07, 2015

Didnt you realize that your words cut like knife? Didnt you think before you let that words slip out of your mouth? Didnt you think what will I feel after that? Didnt you feel?

When those words were read by me, It hurts me even more than being ignored by my crush. I knew im not like all of you that have skinny and flawless body that can fit to a "s" size. Thanks for remembering me that my body is an extra large size. Thanks for making my heart upside down just by a second. Thanks for make me relize that I should just have thankful that I didnt get diabetes just yet. Thanks for make me realize that my life isnt like the one in the imagines out there. And there wont be any Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, or Zayn that are gonna comfort me and say that im not fat. Cs im sure even if im in the same room as them, they wont notice me. Cs im just a fatass.